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How to use our Seeds!

Image by Jonathan Kemper


Growing instructions 

Always make sure your compost is warm.

How to sow seeds indoors in simple steps
   1.    Fill your seed tray, modular tray or pot. ...
   2.    Gently firm the compost. ...
   3.    Sow your seeds. ...
   4.    Cover the seeds. ...
   5.    Water gently. ...
   6.    Label your pots and trays. ...
   7.    Cover the seeds. ...
   8.    Place in a warm, sunny spot to germinate.

Certain seeds, like carrots, parsnips, beetroot, can be sown directly into the ground, in rows to avoid pricking out. 

Aubergines / courgettes / pumpkins, squashes 

Sow individually, in temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius 

Brassicas, cauli, cabbage broccoli etc 

When sown, cover trays with fleece or plastic, until germinated , then uncover 

Chillies, peppers, tomatoes 

Sow individually, in temperatures above 15 degrees ,

Beans, peas, 
Peas can be sown early in jan/feb in a greenhouse, or direct outside from mar/April 

Most beans, sow individually in pots, when temperatures are above 12/15 degrees Celsius

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