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TOMATO SUNGOLD F1 (10 Seeds per pack)


Sungold tomato is an extra sweet cherry type which produces many heavily laden trusses of rich orange, highly tasty fruit, from early summer to late autumn. It has the added benefit of being able to grow inside or out and has a good disease resistance to Fusarium and TMV (tobacco mosaic virus). This cordon type tomato has an exceptionally high sugar content which makes it ideally delicious for salads.


When to Sow Sungold Tomato Seeds

January to April

Where to Sow

Sow sungold tomato seeds in a good seed sowing compost in pots or trays, and then cover with a light sprinkling of vermiculite or compost. Place the trays or pots into a propagator at 18-21°C until the seeds have germinated.

What to do next

Transplant into individual pots when large enough to handle, usually once the seedlings have 2 true leaves. You can also transplant to the greenhouse border soil, or into growbags when they are 20cm high. Allow 3 plants per growbag.
Tomato plants can also be planted outdoors once all risk of frost has past. Gradually acclimatise them to the temperatures before planting out. When planting outdoors, plant in a sheltered but sunny position and plant 60cm apart.
This variety requires sideshooting and support with canes for the best yields. Water and feed plants regularly with a high potash feed once the first truss has set.


July to October

Handy Tip

Pick fruits as they ripen and water regularly, but do not over water to help prevent the fruits from splitting.

Nutritional Values

High in vitamin C and lycopene.


Indeterminate - Single stem, remove side shoots.


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