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SWEETCORN SNOBABY-Baby Sweetcorn (10 Seeds per pack) 


Unique white 'baby corn'! Earlier to crop producing many tender and delicious 'baby corns' per pant. Delicious added to oriental cooking, stir fries, salads, or as a steamed side vegetable.


When to Sow Snobaby Sweet Corn Seeds

April to May

Plant out

May to June

When to Harvest

Late August to September. Harvest as baby corns when the silk tassels just begin to show.

Where to Sow

Early sowings can be made into pots or modules under glass at 21°C. Later sowings can be made direct into growing site, sowing 2 seeds per sowing station. Do not sow as a single row, sow in blocks spacing as detailed below.                                                                

What to do Next

Pot raised seedlings should be gradually hardened off in a cold frame before transplanting into the plot once all risk of frost has passed. Do not plant in rows, but plant in blocks. For baby corn, space the plants 15cm (6") apart and 30cm (12in) between the rows to aid pollination by wind.


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