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PEPPER LUNCHBOX MIX (5 Seeds per pack)

These small lunchbox pepers are great for as a healthy snack due to their size, and perfect for adding to childrens lunchboxes! Very sweet, making them ideal for eating in a salad or cooking to add to a number of dishes. They come in a rainbow of yellow, red and orange coloured peppers. Each individual pepper has a small seed cavity. or adding to children's lunch boxes to snack upon. 


Where to Sow Snackbite Pepper Seeds

Sow seed on the surface of a free draining compost, either in pots or trays. Cover with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite and place at a temperature 18-21 degrees Celsius until seeds germinate.

What to do next

Prick out seedlings when large enough to handle into 7cm (3") pots and grow on under glass. Once plants reach 10cm (4") high transplant into growbags or 25cm (10") pots and grow on under glass. Feed once a week with tomato fertiliser after first fruits have set. 

Handy Tip

Water regularly and spray the foliage to keep plants cool and encourage fruit to set. Great vegetables for planting into hanging baskets, or on a sunny windowsill.

Kings Say

"An excellent source of vitamin C and beta carotene." 


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