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CARROT RAINBOW MIX (100 Seeds per pack)


An eye catching range of Nantes shaped roots in pastel shades from orange to yellow/white, very vigorous with strong foliage. A good sweet taste, ideal for lunch boxes.


When to Sow Rainbow Mixed Carrot Seeds

April to July

Where to Sow

Sow thinly direct into the growing site 2cm (¾") deep in rows 30cm (12") apart. If possible sow carefully so that thinning is not necessary .

What to do Next

Carrot fly is attracted by the smell whilst thinning, If you have to thin the seedlings, do so in the evening. Water before thinning and remove all the debris. Do not transplant. Aim for roots 5-7cm (2-3") apart. Young Carrots can always be pulled alternately to 'thin as you eat'.


June to November

Handy Tip

Only wash the roots under the tap to clean them. Do not peel as this will help retain the rich purple colour when cooked.

Nutritional Value

High in antioxidant beta-caroten which converts to vitamin A in the body.


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