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CARROT EARLY NANTES (20 Seeds per pack)


This variety of carrot is the favourite for successional sowing with blunt ended cylindrical roots and a very small core. Produces orange carrots. Superb flavour and beautiful colour, which makes this variety a very popular choice with gardeners. It is also the ideal variety to grow in troughs or planters if space is limited.


When to Sow Early Nantes Carrot Seeds

April to July

Where to Sow

Sow thinly direct into the growing site 2cm (¾") deep in rows 30cm (12") apart. If possible sow carefully so that thinning is not necessary, as carrot flies are attracted to the smell of thinning the seeds.

What to do Next

If you need to thin the seedlings, do so in the evening, and water beforehand, and remove all the debris. Do not transplant. Aim for roots 5-7cm (2-3") apart. Young Carrots can always be pulled alternately to 'thin as you eat'.


June to November

Handy Tip

Early sowings can be made in a cold frame or under cloches. In mild areas, sow in October under cloches or a frame for really early spring use.

Nutritional Values

Carrots are high in the antioxidant beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A in the body.


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